Getting More Chance to Win Due to FIFA 16 Guide

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This a guide written from different aspects to teach the method of getting more chance in FIFA 16 Points. On football match of FIFA 16, you should create more chance by use your players before scoring a goal. How to do? Or which aspect you improve can create chance to win the match?

The key of creating more chance is to master dribbling in FIFA 16. You can use control to get out of tight spaces by holding L2 and R2. And try to make full use of no touch dribbling, try to switch the directions when dribbling and avoid use it in tight spaces. Keep in mind, never spam skill moves, every time you use it needs to be well thought out. When you dribbling, don’t run in a straight line, add some variation on your dribbling. In addition, you can practice crossing to coordinate your dribbling.

To avoid the chance you have created missed or failed, you should improve your shooting. First, you should control the power of shooting. For example, when you play FIFA 16 in the box, your shots shouldn’t more than 3 bars. And it is OK to take 3.4-4.5 bars of long shooting power from outside the box. Aim for the corners of the goal. Learn to use finesse shots, and bend it around the goalkeeper, because we all know that keepers are really susceptible to finesse shots. A key every time you shoot, the direction is the sides of the goal rather than the center. And If you’re not in a position to finesse shot, use a 2.5-3 bars of power shot to bang the ball into the far corner of the goal.

Except dribbling and shooting, i want to talk about the first touch, a good first touch can effect the quality of the pass. Set up next part of the move, either creating space or establishing an angle for the next pass. Do not sprint after receiving a pass, or it leads to awkward bounces. At last, the top players always can bring more chance to win. You can buy them with enough FIFA  coins.


FIFA AI players are much more aggressive in new interception logic system

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Due to FIFA 16 interception logic system that AI players are more aggressive.

Everything now has to be perfect for you to be able to reach higher glory, sooner and long-lasting. Read on if you are prepared to rocket ahead of the pack or if you’re going to have another false start. For those who are playing FUT 16 Coins for the first time, by reading this guide you are preparing yourself for the problems you may face. After all, Ultimate Team players are not so different to one another.

Every club who has wishes of being successful has to create a base of sustainability. You have to do things at the right time. The beginning of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is the single most important moment of the game. Before starting the season you have to prepare yourself. You have to plan it. For the last few years, Career mode was never at par with other game modes from FIFA. EA has fallen short when it comes to giving the mode its deserved replay value, by giving nothing more than boring features. Rightfully so, changes are well deserved. If you are interested in this feature, please do not forget to check our career mode guide. In contrast, regions 9 and 10 (rest of Asia and Australia) have the lowest chances of finding platinum players.

However, they don’t have a 0% chance, so even these regions can find incredible players – you’re just much less likely to find a top player there than in Argentina or Brazil. “We really bypassed a lot of the midfield last year,” says Channon before insisting that, this year, the area has one of the game’s most recognizable changes. The new interception logic system ensures that AI players are much more aggressive in making interceptions. Instead of ignoring the passes that zip past, they’ll stick a leg out and try to make contact. This new ability to pull off bending, driven shots has a downside too – as I discovered to my cost. Several times, I approached the ball at the wrong angle, thereby slicing it away from the goal mouth – which is substantially less impressive. But, hey, it’s probably also authentic.

FIFA Ultimate Team – known better by season regulars as FUT, EA’s financially draining homage to the Panini sticker album – is back with FIFA 16. And this year’s card-collecting, team-building online mode is sporting some killer new features. With Draft you don’t have to worry about stat boosts, contracts and player ratings – everyone’s pretty good already – you need only concern yourself with team chemistry. Which means looking for players of the same nationality, who play in the same league and ideally for the same club. It’s a good way to learn the basics before building your proper team.

This is a rather evil way to make money and I only recommend it to those of you with no morals. Buy an old version of a player (like the ’88 Falco) and use him in games until his contracts are all gone. He should have a red contract covering up his actual rating. Then apply a gold card that increases all stats by 15 and sell him. People will see the contract picture covering his rating, they won’t realize that he’s actually the lower version, and they might be quick to buy it if the price is affordable. You’re basically tricking them into thinking it’s the ’89-rated Falcao when it’s really the ’88, and as the price difference is 20k between these.

You could get rich fast. There are other players it works with, so play around and find what works best for you. Remember; if you don’t think about it, you won’t feel bad about it. You have to know what people want to buy fifa  coins. Nobody wants some random CDM from Gabon. Nobody even knows where that is!

The Week Stars Suarez, Iniesta, Kane, More in FIFA 16

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EA Sports is launching a new Team of the Week for the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 16, allowing gamers to once more gain access to some of the best players in the world and thus improve their own first eleven and skills to win the game and get lots of fifa ultimate team coins.

With the championships in Europe once again offering high-profile matches after the international break, the biggest included superstars are Luis Suarez and Iniesta, who were instrumental in the win over Real Madrid, and Harry Kane, the man who is scoring a lot for Tottenham.

Gamers should carefully evaluate which of the included players can boost their teams in terms of both individual skills and Chemistry, and then pick up the Team of the Week to improve their overall performance.

The attacking line selected by EA Sports includes Suarez, Kane and Kruse in a support role, a trio that can deliver a lot of goals for any team.

When it comes to midfield, the development team has selected Iniesta, Holtby and Barkley, all of them solid passers that can open up opposition defenses.

Defensive efforts can be crucial in FIFA 16, and this week, gamers can get access to solid options like Skrtel, Javi Martinez, Bovo and Murillo.

The goalkeeper of the Team of the Week for FIFA 16 is Mandanda.

The developers also offer the classic seven substitutes that can be used to offer alternatives for certain positions, but gamers also get another extra five options for their teams, including Tavares and Godin.

At the moment, EA Sports is also running a special Movember tournament for FIFA 16, which gamers can take part in until Friday with their improved Ultimate Team setup to access some very cool rewards.

FIFA 16 will get a big update at the end of January 2016

Ultimate Team is the mode that EA Sports says accounts for most of the time that gamers spend with its football simulation, and that means that company needs to keep it interesting in the long run with extra content and improvements to the core mechanics.

Regular Team of the Week deliveries help with that, but the company also needs to make sure that the experience remains as balanced and secure as possible to keep gamers engaged with little fifa coins.


The Predictions of FIFA 16 TOTW 11

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It has been a week. From the last week we can share some predictions of fifa 16 TOTW 11. Here some inforamtion about it. Anyone you like you can use your fifa 16 account to buy it.

Claudio Bravo / FC Barcelona / Liga BBVA / Chile
7 saves in 4-0 away win vs Real Madrid

Martin Skrtel / Liverpool / Barclays Premier League / Slovakia
1 goal in 4-1 away win vs Manchester City

Joel Veltman / Ajax / Eredivisie / Holland
1 goal 1 assist in 5-1 win vs Cambuur

Alex Sandro / Juventus / Serie A TIM / Brazil
1 assist as first half sub in 1-0 win vs AC Milan

Hernan Perez / RCD Espanyol / Liga BBVA / Paraguay
2 goals in 2-0 win vs Malaga

Iniesta / FC Barcelona / Liga BBVA / Spain
1 goal 1 assist in 4-0 away win vs Real Madrid

Roberto Firmino / Liverpool / Barclays Premier League / Brazil
1 goal 2 assists in 4-1 away win vs Manchester City

Hakan Calhanoglu / Bayer 04 Leverkusen / Bundesliga / Turkey
1 goal 1 assist in 3-1 away win vs Frankfurt

Yannis Salibur / En Avant Guingamp / Ligue 1 / France
1 goal 1 assist in 2-0 win vs Toulouse

Luis Suarez / FC Barcelona / Liga BBVA / Uruguay
2 goals in 4-0 away win vs Real Madrid

Max Kruse / VfL Wolfsburg / Bundesliga / Germany
2 goals and 1 assist in a 6-0 win over Werder Bremen

Josh Murphy / Milton Keynes Dons / Sky Bet Championship / England
3 goals in 4-1 win vs Gillingham

Ezequiel Garay / Zenit St. Petersburg / SOGAZ Russian Football Championship / Argentina
1 goal in 3-0 win vs Ural

Davy Klaassen / Ajax / Eredivisie / Holland
2 goals in 5-1 win vs Cambuur

Nikola Kalinic / Fiorentina / Serie A TIM / Croatia
2 goals as a half time subin 2-2 comeback draw vs Empoli

Ross Barkley / Everton / Barclays Premier League / England
2 goals 1 assist in 4-0 win vs Aston Villa

Romelu Lukaku / Everton / Barclays Premier League / Belgium
2 goals in 4-0 win vs Aston Villa

Javier Hernandez / Bayer 04 Leverkusen / Bundesliga / Mexico
2 goals in 3-1 away win vs Frankfurt

Felipe Nunez / CD Huachipato / Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank / Chile
9 saves in 2-2 away draw vs A. Italiano

Stefan Stangl / Rapid Wien / Austria Bundesliga / Austria
1 goal 2 assists in 6-1 away win vs Mattersburg

Harry Kane / Tottenham Hotspur / Barclays Premier League / England
2 goals in 4-1 win vs West Ham

Jonjo Shelvey / Swansea City / Barclays Premier League / England
1 goal (1 penalty) 1 assist in 2-2 comeback draw vs Bournemouth

Sven Kums / AA Gent / Jupiler Pro League / Belgium
2 goals (1 penalty) 2 assists in 5-0 win vs Westerlo

Just hope this can help you . More and more in fut16coin.