Blade & Soul Guide: New Players – Kung Fu Master

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Combat Type: Melee
Weapon: Fist
Available Races: Gon, Jin, Yun
Output Type: Consecutive
Difficulty: Expert

Class Introduction
The Kung Fu Master is a class of changeable offensive and defensive abilities which require the Expert difficulty setting. Overall skill set can prevent a Kung Fu Master from many fatal injuries at critical moments, but it requires certain skills and experience to take timely opportunities. The class has a high dodge base value. A variety of skills also allow a Kung Fu Master to successfully counter or dodge the opponent’s attacks using a variety of different means of counterattack.

Kung Fu Masters have quite a lot of skill to avoid injury. Meanwhile, they often assume the role of the main tank in a dungeon. In addition to tank and consecutive output, Kung Fu Masters can also provide the team and themselves with support with acupuncture and repression skills. They can also trigger the awakening effect in the proper use of flash step and step drill, to enhance their bns gold.

It feels pretty good to fight using the Kung Fu Master, but the class requires high technical requirements. For those who are new to Blade and Soul, the Kung Fu Master is not a recommended class to try at first. If you are a fan of the Kung Fu Master, you can of course improve by constant practice Kung Fu Master and develop your style.


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