Getting More Chance to Win Due to FIFA 16 Guide

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This a guide written from different aspects to teach the method of getting more chance in FIFA 16 Points. On football match of FIFA 16, you should create more chance by use your players before scoring a goal. How to do? Or which aspect you improve can create chance to win the match?

The key of creating more chance is to master dribbling in FIFA 16. You can use control to get out of tight spaces by holding L2 and R2. And try to make full use of no touch dribbling, try to switch the directions when dribbling and avoid use it in tight spaces. Keep in mind, never spam skill moves, every time you use it needs to be well thought out. When you dribbling, don’t run in a straight line, add some variation on your dribbling. In addition, you can practice crossing to coordinate your dribbling.

To avoid the chance you have created missed or failed, you should improve your shooting. First, you should control the power of shooting. For example, when you play FIFA 16 in the box, your shots shouldn’t more than 3 bars. And it is OK to take 3.4-4.5 bars of long shooting power from outside the box. Aim for the corners of the goal. Learn to use finesse shots, and bend it around the goalkeeper, because we all know that keepers are really susceptible to finesse shots. A key every time you shoot, the direction is the sides of the goal rather than the center. And If you’re not in a position to finesse shot, use a 2.5-3 bars of power shot to bang the ball into the far corner of the goal.

Except dribbling and shooting, i want to talk about the first touch, a good first touch can effect the quality of the pass. Set up next part of the move, either creating space or establishing an angle for the next pass. Do not sprint after receiving a pass, or it leads to awkward bounces. At last, the top players always can bring more chance to win. You can buy them with enough FIFA  coins.


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