The Week Stars Suarez, Iniesta, Kane, More in FIFA 16

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EA Sports is launching a new Team of the Week for the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 16, allowing gamers to once more gain access to some of the best players in the world and thus improve their own first eleven and skills to win the game and get lots of fifa ultimate team coins.

With the championships in Europe once again offering high-profile matches after the international break, the biggest included superstars are Luis Suarez and Iniesta, who were instrumental in the win over Real Madrid, and Harry Kane, the man who is scoring a lot for Tottenham.

Gamers should carefully evaluate which of the included players can boost their teams in terms of both individual skills and Chemistry, and then pick up the Team of the Week to improve their overall performance.

The attacking line selected by EA Sports includes Suarez, Kane and Kruse in a support role, a trio that can deliver a lot of goals for any team.

When it comes to midfield, the development team has selected Iniesta, Holtby and Barkley, all of them solid passers that can open up opposition defenses.

Defensive efforts can be crucial in FIFA 16, and this week, gamers can get access to solid options like Skrtel, Javi Martinez, Bovo and Murillo.

The goalkeeper of the Team of the Week for FIFA 16 is Mandanda.

The developers also offer the classic seven substitutes that can be used to offer alternatives for certain positions, but gamers also get another extra five options for their teams, including Tavares and Godin.

At the moment, EA Sports is also running a special Movember tournament for FIFA 16, which gamers can take part in until Friday with their improved Ultimate Team setup to access some very cool rewards.

FIFA 16 will get a big update at the end of January 2016

Ultimate Team is the mode that EA Sports says accounts for most of the time that gamers spend with its football simulation, and that means that company needs to keep it interesting in the long run with extra content and improvements to the core mechanics.

Regular Team of the Week deliveries help with that, but the company also needs to make sure that the experience remains as balanced and secure as possible to keep gamers engaged with little fifa coins.



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